With only 4 weeks until Christmas, days are only getting busier and shorter and time is quickly escaping us! Below are some great gift ideas that might help relieve some of the shopping madness (and with the added bonus of not including computer games & iPads).

1. The gift that keeps on giving all year: have you considered subscriptions to activities, favourite magazines or sporting centres? Or if your super generous - the zoo or Luna Park? These are great gifts that can create a life time of memories and keep kids active.

2. Personalised gifts: kids love personalised anything! The list is never ending: personalised pillows, key-rings, pencil cases, trucker caps, denim jackets, sports gear...

3. Educational toys: think craft kits, beading, building, making, exploring.

4. The gift of giving: Christmas is a great time to help children understand the gifts that come to those who give. Giving to a charity at Christmas helps develop their awareness of the world around them and their role in helping those who are less fortunate. Giving and sharing helps children develop empathy and social skills like sharing.

Most of these options can be purchased through doing bit of research online.  Hopefully these ideas will help you avoid roaming  shopping centres for hours!